Marketing compliance tool for cannabis industry

San Francisco, US
Product Redesign
Iterative UI/UX Design
Design System
12 months
Design Director
Lead Product Designer
Product Designer
Product Manager
Cannabis industry grows every year and the regulations around grow at the same speed. Cannabis brand marketing is a relatively fresh niche with its own rules, do's and don'ts. Here comes Highlyte by Amnesia to make it all easier.

Our goal was a usability focused redesign campaign for the whole tool, including web app and mobile experience. After that, the iterative UI/UX design for new functionality streams + design system setup.
Starting from the onboarding process design.
The main thing is a Highlyte Health Check – the AI-based content analysis framework. Upload the content and get it checked in terms of both legal and social media policy violations.
The trend report. Generate the reports based on all the Health Checks, uploaded content, keywords and numerous other factors that may affect the your Cannabis brand reputation.
Choose your state standards, get the explanations and tweak the campaign accordingly.
User Profile.
And for sure the mobile experience. Tailored for content creator on the go.