YCombinator • S21

Data-driven neobank for high-spend businesses.

USA, San Francisco
Product Redesign
Design System Revamp
Iterative Product Design
Marketing Design
Ongoing cooperation
Design Director
Lead Product Designer
Product Designer
Slash emerged as the specialty banking provider tailored for Gen Z entrepreneurs, offering advanced analytics, profit tracking, virtual cards, and handy personal + business accounts distinction.

In 2022, we joined Slash focusing on making a proper data-driven banking experience. We redesigned both web and mobile applications, set up a scalable design system, and now continue the collaboration as the integrated design department crafting fresh features together with Slash’s product team.
The ever-evolving home page highlights the value proposition and key offering.
Advanced smart transaction tracking and filtering mechanics.
Slash allows you to have a lot of cards to streamline the expenses properly. We designed an intuitive grouping, tracking, and general cards management approach to keep it simple.
Having tons of transactions and cards requires corresponding analytics and automation possibilities. This is also an ever-evolving stream we keep on improving with the Slash team quite often.
Now the mobile app. It starts with the onboarding and KYC process.
Entities switch and move money flow tailored for quick on-the-go actions.
Dark and light modes aka multiple themes. Big up to our design system here.
A deeper look at Slash mobile experiences.
And some web app highlights to make sure you love Slash already. Give it a spin if you are in the US!