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San Francisco, US
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Koala is an online platform crafted for students and teachers tired of blank Zoom calls. It is a collaborative learning environment that widens the digital learning methodologies and adds interactivity into the process. The teachers also gets full control over the process, invoices management and their own teaching materials.
Everything starts from the marketing website. Obviously, the Koala target user profile is not really technically advanced, so we tried to make it as simple and friendly as possible.
Besides the teaching/learning rooms, teachers also get the marketplace of teaching frameworks and lessons materials.
Contribute to the community with your own materials or get some inspiration from other teaching gurus!
Invoices management and earnings analytics made simple.
And finally, the student enters the room. Quick setup check and here we go!
Time to learn, let's try some different options Koala offers – sticky notes, rewards, pencils, multiple whiteboards and for sure the video conferencing integrated into the workflow.