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Fractional marketplace for investments into alternative assets

UK, London
Product redesign
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2 months
Senior Product Designer
Design Director
Head of Strategy
Simply said, owning a stock means belonging to some entity that tends to rise in price. Why not apply the same mechanism for anything from Michael Jordan shoes to old wine?

Koia lets you own exclusive and highly priced assets from both physical and digital worlds together with other people. That is what they call fraction and what may make you rich if you do a good bet.
Onboarding, KYC process and registration.
Koia onboarding experience
Koia onboarding experience
First steps in the app: explore the assets and pick something interesting.
Check the asset info, price dynamics and some historical overview. No financial advices!
Koia asset details experience
Seamless investing even if you have zero background in investments.
Koia buying experience
Account overview
Koia profile experience
Dark theme for those who think money should be managed when everyone sleeps.
Koia dark theme design
Koia dark theme design